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For the past few weeks in Nashville temperatures have stretched into the 90s, humidity has consistently been nearly 80%, afternoon thunderstorms have displayed some incredible light shows, and kids are celebrating the end of the school year. All of this can only mean one thing in the Nashville and Brentwood area of Tennessee; summer is upon us. With summer comes more flexible school and, often, work schedules, time spent outdoors, and the perfect time to move in the middle Tennessee area. While summer provides many benefits for moving such as fewer obligations and often better weather it is essential that anyone deciding to move during the warm Nashville summer has all the tips needed to make the move as safe and easy as possible. We at Right Move Moving Company have gathered several moving tips tailored to our customers interested in moving in the Nashville and Brentwood area this summer that can make your move a positive experience.

1. Always be safe during hot weather.

Tennessee has some of the hottest summers in the country and with this comes the increased chance of health risks from being out in these temperatures. Always protect your skin with sunscreen to prevent premature aging and skin cancer while you are moving. There is a good chance you will be out in the sun more than usual during your move so drink plenty of fluids. Water is always a great choice but consider something with electrolytes such as Smart Water or Gatorade in addition to plain water. Heatstroke is a leading cause of death in the elderly and children so take increased measures with these age groups.

2. Book Your Move Early.

Summer is the busiest time of year for moving companies, including Right Move Moving Company. If you already know you are planning a move, do not wait until the week before to book your move. The earlier you book your move, the smoother and easier it will be for you and your family. It is recommended to book your move at least two weeks before your expected move date.

3. Not all Items Survive Hot Weather Moves.

Candles, chocolate, and some types of wood can be damaged by sitting in direct sunlight for too long or from being in a hot moving truck. Be sure to check your families clothing for candies or other items that could melt and cause damage to your valuable items. Try to carry candles in an air-conditioned area as they can melt and damage other items around them. Vinyl records, television sets, and expensive electronic equipment may be damaged in extreme heat and direct sunlight. We at Right Move Moving are trained to cover these items with specialized sunproof covers to prevent damage to your precious items.

4. Keep Pets Safe While Moving.

In order to expedite your move, it is important to get your pets out of the way before movers arrive. Movers must keep doors open in order to carry your furniture and other larger items out of your house. If you have pets, make sure they are kept secured so as to not escape. In addition to protecting them from escaping your house, be sure to provide your pets with extra food and water during the hot summer months, especially if they will be in a crate or bedroom where they are not normally confined.

5. Turn on Your Utilities.

It might seem like common sense but remembering to call your new utility company or update your address if you are using the same companies is one of the most forgotten things when moving. In the winter months in Nashville not having heat for a few days may be an inconvenience but during the summer months, it may be downright dangerous to not have air conditioning. This danger will only increase the negative health risks if you have young children or elderly family members.

We at Right Move Moving Company want to assist you in your next move and if that move is this summer we hope some of our tips help make your move a truly wonderful experience.

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